Skyline Revitalization Initiative in Buckner Terrace

The Skyline Revitalization Initiative was a Neighborhood Plus community safety and security action plan located within the boundaries of the Buckner Terrace Homeowners Association.  An advisory committee composed of residents, school administrators, faith leaders, developers, and crime watch leaders began meeting in January 2017 to guide the Neighborhood Plus process.

There was a perception that excessive crime was taking place in the densely populated multi-tenant community located in the SE corner of Buckner Terrace (BT).  To that end the initiative was to unite the community stakeholders in order to create a SAFE AND SECURE environment for all residents in the area.  The Skyline Safety and Security Action Plan hopes to address safety, quality housing, poverty, neighborhood beautification, and active resident engagement.  With the implementation of a Good Neighbor Agreement, the sustainability strategy of the Skyline Revitalization Initiative is to transfer accountability to the Buckner Terrace Homeowners Association.

One of the project milestones was to create a viable crime watch program within each of the apartments in the revitalization area.  Over 15 events were organized at each of the multi-family complexes to engage the residents.  Vista supported resident attendance to events held in other parts of  Buckner Terrace planned by the faith coalition, area schools, and the BTHA. The South East Dallas Police Department Division, Buckner Terrace crime watch and VIP,  and the SE Division Crime Watch Executive Board  members partnered in creating a positive relationship between police officers (NPO’s) and apartment managers and residents.  This trusting relationship and rapport is the key to maintaining a safe, vibrant, and inclusive neighborhood community.

Overall, in 2017 there was a 10% decrease in crime in the Skyline Revitalization area compared to 2016.  It is necessary to point out that the crime watch program took about 6 months to implement.  Crime statistics showed a significant decrease in crime starting in October 2017.  Hopefully, this trend will continue as the crime watch program in this multi-family complex area gains acceptance and strength.

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