2018 Human Trafficking Symposium

On August 29, 2018, the Dallas Police Department hosted its first Human Trafficking Symposium at The Briscoe Center located inside Dallas Fair Park. Police Chief U. Renee Hall opened the symposium welcoming featured panelists and attendees. Assistant Chief Paul Stokes stood to give the background on the event and introduce the symposiums guest host Sana Syed.

Each panelist presented informative points regarding human trafficking. However, two points that appeared to pique interest were “Sexually Oriented Business can be an ally against, or a recruiting ground for human trafficking” – says (Brooke Grona-Robb-Dallas County DA’s Office). The second point, “trafficking victims don’t generally self-identify as victims which makes investigations challenging”- (Special Agent Deborah Michaels) – FBI.

Human Trafficking of persons is a serious crime and a violation of human rights. Every year thousands fall into the hands of traffickers. By providing this information and creating awareness of this horrific crime, we hope it leads to rescuing victims of human trafficking.

The panelists for the event included: Dallas PD Sgt. Rene Sigala, FBI Special Agent Deborah Michaels, TCU Dr. Vanessa Bouche, LETOT Center Carla Davis, POETIC Dr. HaeSung, National Criminal Justice Training Center Byron Fassett, Dallas County District Attorney’s Office Brooke Grona-Robb, Human- Trafficking survivor Chong Kim, Dart PD Deputy Chief Ed Addison, and Dallas County Advocacy Center Sally Frank.


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