Hotels, airlines and tech companies must stop harboring sex traffickers

Dallas Morning News Editorial

That one scene in what is otherwise a deeply misleading portrayal of the brutality of the global sex-trafficking industry reveals what many in law enforcement and survivor advocacy groups have always known: The corporations, owners, managers and workers that run the country’s 50,000 hotels and motels too often turn a blind eye to sex trafficking. Sadly, many businesses choose profit over freedom for the thousands of young women and girls — many minors in their early to mid-teens — who fall prey to sex traffickers every day.

It’s not just those in the hospitality industry, including hotels, motels, resorts, casinos and cruise lines, who have traditionally looked away. It’s also owners, managers and workers in the transportation industry, including airlines, rental car, limousine and taxi companies and other ride-sharing services.

Get the full story here.

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