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4 critical elements of professional growth and development in law enforcement The Elephant in the Room with Paul Cappitelli Preparing for the future is an ongoing process that begins the first day on the job I regularly receive guidance requests from law enforcement professionals who are transitioning from one phase … Continue reading

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US police embrace AI, cloud computing to boost public safety efforts Thomas Barrabi 4-5 minutes AUSTIN, Texas — Police departments around the United States are turning to artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technological revolutions to streamline everything from aging data entry systems to treatment of workplace stress. Seattle is … Continue reading

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When white privilege even extends to men who shoot 7 cops on a Wednesday evening  Shaun King Good Morning Everybody. Late yesterday afternoon, at around 4pm, police officers in Florence, South Carolina went to serve a search warrant on an affluent white home there. They have not yet released the details on what the … Continue reading

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Incarnation House partners with more than 20 North Texas organizations to make a positive impact on young people

Published Apr 4, 2019 at 5:56 AM | Updated at 8:00 AM CDT on Apr 4, 2019 By Evan Anderson NEWSLETTERS As part of a new partnership with Dallas police, officers have started hanging out at Incarnation House on Thursdays … Continue reading

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Overview of Street Gangs–Compiled

Compiled by Manny Texas Penal Code 71.01 (d): “Criminal street gang” means three or more persons having a common identifying sign or symbol or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities. Working definitions … Continue reading

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NRA-ILA | New Study: Cops Prevent Crime NRA-ILA Readers may have noticed that we review “gun policy” studies regularly. Those clamoring for federal funding for gun policy research should set themselves up a Google Scholar alert, but not everything we want to highlight is directly related … Continue reading

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Street Lighting Reduces Crime in City Public Housing

Information from The program was designed to reduce nighttime crime in public housing developments by adding more light towers. The program targets public housing developments which are experiencing elevated crime rates. The study focused on four main outcomes: 1) … Continue reading

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