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Dallas neighborhoods like mine need far more help than ‘See Something — Say Something’ | Commentary Written By Dave Lieber I  live in a South Dallas-Fair Park neighborhood, and communities like ours need more than a “See Something — Say Something” campaign. Chronic gun violence is beyond the scope of a neighborhood crime watch. Although citizen … Continue reading

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Officer Safety Considerations for Foot Pursuits by Doug Wyllie Earlier this week, we reported on a foot pursuit that ended in a gun battle between the pursuing officer and the fleeing subject. An unidentified Chicago police officer was shot in his ballistic vest after a … Continue reading

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Training day: Law enforcement tactical entry during a drug raid SWAT officers face many challenges during a high-risk drug raid – here’s how trainers can set up a drug raid training drill to prepare for real-life situations By Will Christensen, P1 Contributor  When considering the primary responsibilities for most … Continue reading

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Community Policing

The Stockton Police Department, even during challenging times, remains committed to the philosophy of Community Policing. This is reflected in our Mission Statement:  “To work in partnership with our community, to build and maintain relationships founded on trust and mutual … Continue reading

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How Video Surveillance Maximizes Public Safety Efforts No matter your agency’s size, video systems can help augment your boots on the ground. The presence of cameras is widespread and increasing, from cars to smartphones, home security systems to smart cities. Video gives the viewer an unbiased, … Continue reading

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This Machine Could Prevent Gun Violence — If Only Cops Used It By Beth Schwartzapfel On a humid day in April 2009, the sound of gunfire drew police to a suburban home in Jefferson Parish, La. Officers found no shooters or victims — just an empty backyard littered with shell casings. … Continue reading

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Law enforcement using mysterious new tool to unlock cellphones Nov 22, 2018 By Jim Otte, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIO — Law enforcement agencies are using a mysterious new tool to unlock criminal suspects’ cellphones and access their text messages, emails and voice messages. Some agencies around the country, concerned … Continue reading

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