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Is Civilian Oversight the Answer to Distrust of Police? Digital Reporter In the last week, America has been shaken by a series of deadly encounters between police and citizens. In Louisiana, a shaky video captured the tussle that ended with Alton Sterling’s death. Barely a day had passed … Continue reading

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3 Key Items Police Need to Respond to an Active Shooter Incident What hardware do you need to have in your patrol vehicle to respond at a moment’s notice to this horrific event if you’re the first one there? Content provided by Propper It’s the call no officer ever wants to … Continue reading

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Civilian Oversight of the Police in Major Cities

Stephens, Darrel W., Ellen Scrivner, and Josie F. Cambareri. 2018. Civilian Oversight of the Police in Major Cities. Washington, DC: Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. Civilian oversight of the police has been a topic of discussion and debate since … Continue reading

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The Entrapment Defense

What is a Baited Package or Car? The bait car looks like any regular car on the street. It is a vehicle owned by the police department and equipped with GPS devices and possibly cameras. The police will place something … Continue reading

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CPI Leadership Development Graduation Today, the Caruth Police Institute (CPI) held a graduation ceremony for Dallas, Irving, and Dallas City Marshal, UNT Dallas Police officers who completed the Leadership Development Series.  The three-week course was designed to develop and/or enhance the leadership skills … Continue reading

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What does Constitutional policing mean?

Constitutional policing means respectful policing. It means respecting all people’s rights as we go about our job.  This also includes the public’s respect for Law Enforcement Officer who are doing their job. At its most fundamental, it is policing that … Continue reading

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CRIME QUIZ Use flashcard to learn definitions regarding crimes and reporting. Then you can test yourself to check your crime knowledge.  This is a fun and entertaining exercise. CRIME QUIZ

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