Crime Watch Signs

Posting crime watch sign around the perimeter of a neighborhood, and/or within its boundaries, helps to reinforce and strengthen the effect of a good crime watch organization. It sends a message to the criminal that the neighborhood is alert to suspicious activity. However, signs without enthusiastic participation reduce the effectiveness of the crime watch program.  Contact your NPO for specifications before you purchase your crime watch neighborhood signs.

 Generally, the neighborhood must organize a Crime Watch Program with the help of a police officer who will explain the procedure at a neighborhood meeting. The neighborhood will decide the preliminary boundaries and will send a “Request for Neighborhood Watch Sign” form to Transportation Engineering through the Police Department. The form will have the signatures of the Neighborhood Block Watch Committee Chairman and the Dallas Police Officer working with the Community Services Division handling the case. It will also include a map outlining the area in question which will be field-checked by an engineer.

  1. Return your signed application and map to the crime watch officer at your DPD Substation. If the map and information are complete, your application will then be forwarded to DoT Field Operations to process the installation of the signs.
  2. After the request is approved, the requestor will be responsible for buying and delivering the City approved signs to the Field Operations Office at 3204 Canton.
  3. You will be informed by either DPD or DoT when your application is approved. You can then proceed to purchase the approved crime watch signs. You may use any vendor you like as long as the sign specifications are met.  Shop around for the best price for your needs.
  4. Upon receipt of your signs call DoT to deliver your signs. DoT will schedule an installation date.  You can anticipate three to four weeks before the installation of your signs. Field operations will install the signs at no charge.
  5. City Ordinance 17225 states that the sign will not be placed where it will interfere with traffic safety.  Additionally, DoT will not install signs on utility poles, DART bus sign poles or private property.  You may install crime watch signs on private property, such as fences at the entrances to alleys, only if you obtain the property owner’s written permission.
  6. If you have any questions about the installation call DoT

Dennis J. Schimka, Manager II
Department of Transportation Traffic Field Operations
3204 Canton Street, Dallas Tx 75226
Telephone 214- 670- 3773


Additional Information
Contact your crime watch officer if you need help in determining the best locations for your signs.  You will probably have to drive around the neighborhood to determine the location of stop signs and the best sites for your crime watch signs.

Web Site providing information regarding crime watch signs.





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Crime Watch Sign Specifications



Date: _____________________________________________________
From: Neighborhood Crime Watch Group________________________

NPO Coordination Unit
Dallas Police Department
1400 S. Lamar Street
Dallas, Texas  75214

It is requested that the official Neighborhood Crime Watch Sign be installed as per locations marked on the attached map furnished and prepared by the Chairperson.
Our Neighborhood Crime Watch was formed in (month/year) ________and approved by the Police Department. Over 50% of the homes lying within the boundaries of our organization are members.  Officer _____________ attended the organization meeting.
We understand that the signs must be in accordance with the Dallas City Ordinance No. 17225 and must be installed by the Signs markings and meters Division of the City of Dallas.

After approval, we will purchase the signs and deliver them to the Department of Transportation Field Operation, 3204 Canton, Dallas, TX. 75216
                                                                                                                                                              Approved by:

Crime Watch Chair Person _______________________

Neighborhood Police Officer______________________

DoT Representative___________________________