Partnerships working to reduce crime and improve the DPDLogosquality of life in our neighborhoods.

What is CWEB?

CWEB stands for Crime Watch Executive Board. It is a non-profit organization consisting of crime watch volunteers. Its primary purpose is to act as a liaison between members of the community and the Dallas Police Department. The Board consists of ten directors, one from each of the seven DPD divisions, one representing the apartment communities, one representing the business community and one is a representative of the Dallas Police Department. Each of the citizen directors must be a current or former crime watch chairperson with at least one year of volunteer crime watch experience. Each director serves for a two-year term, and the Boards meets monthly. At these meetings, CWEB invites speakers to keep them up-to-date on subjects such as Homeland Security, 911, crime statistics, etc.

CWEB works very closely with the Divisional Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO) and neighborhood crime watch groups. It strives to encourage citizen involvement in these and other volunteer programs.

Some of CWEBs goals are:

  • To identify all crime watch and Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) groups and their contacts for better communication and to target areas for expansion (including a start-up book and mentoring program for new neighborhood groups).
  • To increase crime watch groups’ knowledge of CWEB (including updating the crime watch resource book, translating it into Spanish, and identifying new methods to revitalize interest in these groups).
  • To improve communication with the Dallas Police Department, Crime Watch and VIP groups, and the community in general.
  • To change CWEBs composition to better reflect the crime watch community, including apartments and businesses. In addition, CWEB strives to educate the community on crime watch statistics in the city overall and in specific areas through publication of these statistics and by identifying other sources of useful information such as Dallas City Hall’s public access crime statistic information.

We encourage members of the DPD and all other interested parties to become more familiar with CWEB because we believe CWEB can make a difference in crime prevention, and making Dallas a safer place to live. For more information, please contact your Division NPO supervisor or the CWEB director/alternates in your Division.

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