Expanded Neighborhood Patrol

Expanded Neighborhood Patrol (ENP) is a program authorized by the DPD in which neighborhood organizations may hire armed, uniformed off-duty police officers to patrol their area. The organizations may pay to rent a Dallas police car for use by the officers subject to availability. Frequency and length of individual patrol period are decided by the group with a two hour minimum patrol period required. ENP has shown to be effective in reducing crime in neighborhoods. It is also the most expensive crime prevention program and can require a great deal of time and effort to organize and operate on a continuing basis.


ENP must be approved by the Divisional Commander prior to formation. The following requirements must be met:

The group must be a valid community organizational structure sufficient to support the program, the means of payment, and a representative to act as a liaison between the group and the DPD.

The group must hold a public forum meeting with all interested members of the neighborhood and DPD personnel to discuss ENP and other viable options.

A designated representative of the organization must sign a Letter of Agreement.

The Division Commander can discontinue the ENP at any time it is determined that the program is not operating within the DPD guidelines.

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