Operation ID

OperationIDOperation ID is a nationally recognized burglary prevention program in which citizens make an inventory of their property and permanently mark their valuables with an identification number, usually a DL number or serial number (SN).

  1. The most effective way to recover stolen property is through the serial number.
  2. You should record property information including description, model, and SN.
  3. Property is marked with an ultraviolet marker. This ink is invisible and requires a UV light source to see the mark. The marks are invisible and permanent according to the manufacturer. These markers and UV light are available from your neighborhood VIP or the DPD. You and also purchase the markers and UV light online.
  4. Operation decals are provided by the VIP or DPD for placement on your doors and windows only after you have created an inventory list and marked you valuable property.

The program is designed to:

  1. Discourage burglars and thieves by marking your property and possessions by displaying the Operation ID decal on your house.
  2. Aid in the return of stolen property to the owner.
  3. Discourage burglars from fencing stolen property.
  4. Assist in apprehending and convicting criminals caught with marked property.


  1. Prepare an inventory listing of all your valuable property as indicated above. Photograph items that are too small for marking. Keep this information in a safe place. An alternative to recording property information on paper is top use the free online resource of http://www.leadsonline.com and click on the “Reportit” link. This website is an online investigative system used by law enforcement to recover stolen property and solve crimes.
  2. Property should be marked on a permanent, non-removable part, in a place that can be detected without dismantling the object. Mark the property with TXDLXXXXXXX, where the “X” stand for your driver’s license number.
  3. After step 1 and 2 are completed return the marker pen to the VIP or DPD. Take your inventory list for proof of completion. Your Operation ID decals will then be issued to you.
  4. If you purchased your own marker pen you will still have to show the complete the inventory list to the VIP or DPD in order to obtain you ID decals.
  5. As you obtain more property be sure to mark it and update your inventory list. Remove obsolete or surplus property from the inventory list but do not remove your ID number.

Additional Information

Texas ID numbers issued through the Department of Public Safety also may be used to mark property. If you do not have a Texas DL or a Texas ID number, NPO/CU can issue a Property ID number that is registered in the Operation ID files at the Police Department. This PI number also can be used by businesses for the purposes of marking business property.

Brochure in English 

Brochure in Spanish

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