Board Members

CWEB is composed of representatives from Crime Watches in each of the DPD geographical divisions, along with representatives from the Apartment Crime Watch Community and Business Crime Watch Community as well as a representative from DPD. You can reach us by email.

Current Board members are:

Manuel Valadez Jr., Chairman  Bio      Southeast Division
Paul Landfair, Vice-Chair   Bio              North Central Division
Alex Garcia, Secretary                             Southwest Division
Bob Noyes, Treasurer   Bio                    Northwest Division
Anna Hill      Bio                                       Southeast Division
Philip Gipson                                            South Central
Deborah Aguilar                                      South Central
Portia Cantrell                                         Northwest Division
Paul Bennet   Bio                                    Northeast Division
Marshal Wilke   Bio                                Northeast Division
Michael Przekwas                                   Central Division
Raine Devries                                          Central Division
Martin Cramer/Chase Headley           Business Community
Vacant                                                      Apartment Community
James Matt Songer                               DPD Representative

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