How To Burglar Proof Doors
How To Burglar Proof Doors
Hugo Reed
17-22 minutes

There are some really alarming statistics on home break-ins that I think every property owner should take the time to read. This information will give you an idea of just how crafty burglars and crooks can be. Not to sound dramatic, but it is about time burglars met their match. One of the best ways for property owners to accomplish this is by honing their physical security measures. A comprehensive and robust system of physical security measures helps keep homes and offices secure, even when there is no one around to monitor them. Continue reading

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Seven MS-13 Gang Members Arrested

Dallas feds say they busted violent MS-13 gang members who attacked rivals with machetes and shotguns | Crime
Written By Samantha J. Gross
9-11 minutes

It’s a rite of passage for the young men: Maim or kill a rival gang member, according to prosecutors.

In the case of one North Texas MS-13 cell, that meant using shotguns, sledgehammers and even machetes — their weapon of choice, prosecutors said. On Friday, federal authorities in Dallas announced the arrests of seven local MS-13 gang members and associates on charges that include racketeering, attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon. Full story may not be visible without a subscription to the Dallas Newspaper.

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FTC Warns of Secret-Shopping Scam
William E. Gibson
2 minutes

The Federal Trade Commission is warning that an old scam involving fraudulent checks and shopping has again reared its head.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning consumers to watch out for the resurgence of a long-standing scam that combines fake checks with secret shopping.

“We’ve been hearing a lot about it lately,” Emma Fletcher of the FTC’s Division of Consumer and Business Education wrote in an online consumer advisory.

“Here’s how it starts. Continue reading

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Nuisance RISK Property Team

Nuisance RISK Property Team

Mission Statement
The Nuisance Abatement Team forges vested partnerships with cooperative property owners to combat common and public nuisances. The utilization of criminal/civil statutes as well as local enforcement authority to compel uncooperative property owners to assist in the abatement of these nuisances.  This program is designed to rehabilitate these properties and revitalize the affected community. Nuisance RISK Property Team requires property owners after notification of the existence of a nuisance, to demonstrate proactive management of their properties in the abatement effort. Uncooperative property owners face criminal/civil actions to repair, demolish, close or forfeit their interest in the property when the nuisance goes unabated. The ultimate goal is to eliminate criminal nuisances. The aggregate benefits are revitalized neighborhoods that are safer and cleaner places in which to live, work and visit.​ Continue reading

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Feds to dish out more money to fight opioid abuse
Scott E. Rupp
6-7 minutes

Federal health officials are preparing to allocate nearly $1 billion to support states in their efforts to combat the opioid epidemic.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) said it is accepting applications from states and territories to secure a portion of an allotted $930 million in state opioid response grants for opioid prevention and treatment initiatives.

The money is part of the more than $2 billion in funding meant to address the opioid epidemic over the next two years.

Read entire text.

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TIPS–How to prevent car break-ins

One of the most infuriating things that can happen to a car owner – and it’s one of the most common forms of crime in the U.S. The vehicle “smash-and-grab”. They don’t your car, just the valuable in it – which you then have to replace while dealing with cost of repairing the broken window, lock, or stereo system.

While there’s no way to 100% deter these kinds of incidents, however; there are some common-sense steps you can take to make your vehicle a much less appealing target. Above all, thieves look for opportunities. Opportunities include what’s inside the car, being detected, and the chances of being caught.  The windows in the vehicle make it easy to window shop. Make the thieves “work” for their prizes, and they’ll most likely just forget it and move on to an easier target. Continue reading

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10 steps to effective intelligence led policing (ILP)
10 steps to effective intelligence led policing (ILP)
Policing in the 21st Century with Cole Zercoe
11-14 minutes

By following these 10 steps, your police department can get ahead of crime trends in your community

One of the most important law enforcement philosophies to effectively fight crime is intelligence-led policing. Popularized in the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks, ILP was originally viewed as an effective counterterrorism strategy, but is now applied to a broad number of issues police agencies deal with on a daily basis.

What ILP boils down to, according to Dr. Jeremy Carter, the author of “Intelligence-Led Policing: A Policing Innovation” and associate professor and director of criminal justice at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, is a policing philosophy that’s driven by collecting information from a variety of sources and analyzing it in order to predict and understand threats in your community.  Read More.

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Special Community Events to Promote Prevention

Special Community Events to Promote Prevention – National Crime Prevention Council
3-4 minutes


Special community events focus attention on crime prevention and help galvanize support for preventing crime, violence, and drug abuse and for improving the quality of life in the community.

Crime Problem Addressed

Some neighborhoods and municipalities use this strategy to focus attention on preventing the significant crime-related problems of the community, including drug trafficking, gambling, or violence. Continue reading

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Practical Ways To Burglarproof Your Home

Practical Ways To Burglarproof Your Home

Why me? That’s the refrain of burglary victims who want to understand how a thief selected their home as target over all the other homes in the neighborhood. The National Burglary Prevention Council (BPC), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of burglaries, is a leading anti-theft organization and offers information to help keep homes and businesses safe from intruders. The following pages contain valuable information intended to make your residence a much safer place. All of the items mentioned in the booklet can be found at almost any hardware store, home center or mass merchant.  View this brochure here  $Safe and Secure Brochure

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Dallas couple arrested for human trafficking

Dallas couple arrested for human trafficking
An ice cream truck driver helped one of their victims escape, according to a court document.
Published: 5:56 PM CDT June 14, 2018
Updated: 6:03 PM CDT June 14, 2018

DALLAS – A West Dallas couple is in federal custody, accused of operating a sex trafficking enterprise. Investigators say Desmond Kintwana Bethany and Bailey Jane Hance held women captive, assaulted them, and forced the victims to engage in commercial sex acts.

According to court documents, Bethany and Hance allegedly operated the trafficking ring between June 2015 and April 2018. The victims identified Bethany as a “pimp” who held them against their will. They say Hance was his “bottom girl,” or oldest woman and worker, who helped lure the others they held captive.  Read more here.

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