How to maintain an attractive, secure neighborhood in a ‘war zone’

How to maintain an attractive, secure neighborhood in a ‘war zone’
Written By Christina Hughes Babb

Homeowners in north Lake Highlands meet regularly to strategize; they won’t back down when it comes to personal-and-property protection and bettering surrounding violent, non-compliant properties. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio).

Lessons from the Northeast
Enclaves of north Lake Highlands remain relatively secure in an area of Dallas gangsters have dubbed “Northghanistan” for its drug-and-gang related carnage over a span of more than two decades. Excluding the occasional sensational news story (a WFAA broadcast brought that name — “Northghanistan” — to the headlines) or rare personal experiences with crime, homeowners enjoy shelter from close-proximity chaos. Still, you won’t find them — the residents of Chimney Hill, Jackson Branch, Country Meadow, ChimneyHill Townhomes, etc.  — resting on laurels or turning a blind eye to what is happening around them. Continue reading

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Texas ranks 6th in reports of fraud, other consumer problems
3-4 minutes

This week, AARP Texas is putting a spotlight on consumer protection. Unfortunately the issue of fraud hits close to home for many Texans. A recent federal government report says reports of fraud and other consumer problems were more common in Texas than in most other states in 2017.

The Federal Trade Commission said in a March report that its Consumer Sentinel Network last year collected roughly 206,000 reports from Texas residents of fraud and other consumer protection problems, the latter of which includes categories such as debt collection and automobile-related issues. Texas ranked sixth in the number of these reports per 100,000 people, with the Dallas-Fort Worth area coming in eighth among all metro areas. Continue reading

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3 arrested after 6-day BB gun spree across Dallas area

3 arrested after 6-day BB gun spree across Dallas area that caused thousands in damage | Crime
2 minutes
Three people have been arrested after a six-day BB gun spree caused thousands of dollars of damage across the Dallas area.  Read more.

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Manhunt follows shooting that left girl critically wounded in east Oak Cliff
| Crime
3 minutes

An online sale turned into a robbery attempt that left two children with gunshot wounds Tuesday morning in east Oak Cliff.
Must read article.

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CWEB Fundraising

The Dallas Crime Watch Executive Board (CWEB) is asking for your help in making Dallas a safer city.  Your participation will help thousands of residents through crime watch programs which will provide safer neighborhoods and significant positive public relations for business in the community.  CWEB is asking you to become a business or individual sponsor of the Dallas CWEB. Continue reading

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Supreme Court limits warrantless vehicle searches near homes 

Supreme Court limits warrantless vehicle searches near homes
3-4 minutes
May. 29, 2018

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is putting limits on the ability of police to search vehicles when they do not have a search warrant.  Get more details HERE.

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Study: Drone use in public safety greatly increasing

The Center for the Study of the Drone estimated that the number of public safety agencies using drones has increased by 82 percent in the past year

Jun 5, 2018
By PoliceOne Staff

DUTCHESS COUNTY, N.Y. — A recent study found that the use of drones in the public safety sector has greatly increased.

According to a study by the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College, at least 910 public safety agencies including fire, police and EMS departments are now using drones.

Police officers survey the scene via a drone at a Wells Fargo Bank, Friday, July 7, 2017 in Marietta, Ga.(AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

They also found that the number of agencies using drones has increased by around 82 percent in the last year alone, and that there are twice as many agencies that own drones as there are that own manned aircrafts.

Note—In Texas 67 public agencies have some type of drone to aid in law enforcement.

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Law enforcement agencies turning to drones to fight crime

Law enforcement agencies turning to drones to fight crime

By JOHN SEEWER Associated Press
7-9 minutes
No longer a novelty, drones are becoming an everyday tool for more police and fire departments, new research has found.

The number of public safety agencies with drones has more than doubled since the end of 2016, according to data collected by the Center for the Study of the Drone at New York’s Bard College.

The center estimated that just over 900 police, sheriff, fire and emergency agencies now have drones, with Texas, California, and Wisconsin leading the way, the study showed.

Read more HERE.

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Councilman announces strategy to address violent crime in parts of southeast Dallas

Author: Demond Fernandez
4-5 minutes

Recent string of murders, assaults, robberies, and chronic code issues surrounding properties in Buckner Terrace have been making headlines recently.

DALLAS – City leaders and police are working to address some crime and safety concerns in the Buckner Terrace and South Dallas communities.

District 7 Councilman Kevin Felder held a news conference on Tuesday announcing a strategy to tackle the issues. “You know it’s so much killing going on,” Mike Mathis said as he and his grandchildren painted a fence at a home near Rothington in Buckner Terrace.

Read entire news story HERE.

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Escapee on the run

Escapee is on the run and may have traveled to the Dallas area.  Gary Gorman escaped from the the Harrison County jail while serving time for a probation violation.  Gary was on probation for a theft conviction and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Gary Gorman is a white 36 year old male, 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds. His head is shaved and he has distinctive facial tattoos, including one over his right eyebrow, under the corner of each eye and under the right side of his bottom lip.

If you see Gary Gorman immediately call the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office at 903-923-4000 or the Dallas Police Department.


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