Marijuana legalization may be linked to greater pedestrian fatality rates

Denise A. Valenti

Taking a walk may have deadly consequences, and the risk appears to be greater in those states that have legal adult use of recreational marijuana. The rate of fatal injury to pedestrians has grown faster than any other vehicle-related deaths for the years of rapid legalization of marijuana.

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A Burglar’s Goal Once Inside Your Home

What can a burglar do in 7 to 10 minute?  Eight minutes, on average, is all a burglar needs to takes your valuables from your home. Burglars like to spend as little time as possible in your home. They are interested in items that are easy to carry, expensive, and are easy to sell to individuals or pawn shops.  The longer they are inside your home, the greater the chances that they will be seen or caught. The following tips will slow them down and hopefully get them out of your home with less of your valuables. Continue reading

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Innovation, Creativity, Connectivity and Community Policing

Innovation, Creativity, Connectivity and Community Policing

6-8 minutes

The Arlington Police Department (APD) is one of the leaders in the field of hometown recruitment. The Hometown Recruiting Program, which the department launched in 2015, has cultivated and grown over the last three years.

Entire Article available at Arlington PD.

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Skyline Revitalization Initiative in Buckner Terrace

The Skyline Revitalization Initiative was a Neighborhood Plus community safety and security action plan located within the boundaries of the Buckner Terrace Homeowners Association.  An advisory committee composed of residents, school administrators, faith leaders, developers, and crime watch leaders began meeting in January 2017 to guide the Neighborhood Plus process. Continue reading

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Understanding the Great Crime Decline in U.S. Cities
Richard Florida
14-17 minutes

Patrick Sharkey, author of Uneasy Peace, talks to CityLab about how the drop in crime has transformed American cities.

Two of the most remarkable trends in recent years have been the tremendous decline in violent crime and the comeback of once downtrodden and written-off cities. In his new book, Uneasy Peace: The Great Crime Decline, the Renewal of City Life and the New War on Violence, New York University sociologist Patrick Sharkey argues that these two trends are inextricably related. The decline in violent crime has paved the way for the urban revival, and the urban revival has in turn helped to stabilize neighborhoods and make them safer and better places to live.

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Nationwide Elder Fraud Sweep of More Than 250 Defendants | OPA

Justice Department Coordinates Nationwide Elder Fraud Sweep of More Than 250 Defendants | OPA

9-12 minutes

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and law enforcement partners announced today the largest coordinated sweep of elder fraud cases in history.   The cases involve more than two hundred and fifty defendants from around the globe who victimized more than a million Americans, most of whom were elderly.  The cases include criminal, civil, and forfeiture actions across more than 50 federal districts.  Of the defendants, 200 were charged criminally.  In each case, offenders engaged in financial schemes that targeted or largely affected seniors.  In total, the charged elder fraud schemes caused losses of more than half a billion dollars.  The Department coordinated its announcement with the FTC and state Attorneys General, who independently filed numerous cases targeting elder frauds within the sweep period. Continue reading

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Police technology linked to lower crime rates
Bambi Majumdar

Crime and violence have always dominated the headlines, but the latest statistics have given us some positive news as the number of violent crimes continues to drop across the U.S. Experts say the use of technology in police work may be turning the tide.

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Dallas Community Courts


Our Community Courts focus on rehabilitating each defendant and restoring the community. Persons issued citations for ‘quality of life’, Class C misdemeanor crimes within a community court’s geographical service area receive notice to swiftly appear before the community court judge. Defendants who plead “guilty” or “no contest” may be ordered to perform community service restitution in the neighborhood; the judge can also require defendants to attend rehabilitative and educational programs. Typical offenses adjudicated in the community court include: open container, possession of drug paraphernalia, housing code violations, solicitation by coercion and solicitation of a prohibited substance. Community Prosecutors serve as the prosecutors for the 6 community court dockets.
The Community Courts also operate two specialty dockets: a Drug treatment Court and a Veteran’s Treatment Court.

Get all of the information at Dallas Community Courts

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Basic Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Course

5 Day (40 Hour)  Course
NICP CPTED Professional Designation Qualifying Course
May 21 – 25, 2018
Dallas Police Department In Service Training Academy
5610 Red Bird Center Drive, Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75237

CPTED strategies are ideal for Law Enforcement Officers, Architects, City/Urban/Park Planners, City Managers, City Council Members, Landscape Architects, Security Consultants, Educators or anyone involved in designing neighborhoods, schools, downtowns, buildings, or revitalization efforts. It is an effective way of fighting crime and promoting business.  Get more information here.

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Fentanyl: What are the exposure risks?

While the hazards of fentanyl exposure are significant for LEOs, it’s important to understand the myths and realities

Sponsored by Smiths Detection   By Melissa Mann for PoliceOne BrandFocus

The potency of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, has created a fear of accidental exposure and overdose among first responders, particularly police officers.

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