CWEB Fundraising

The Dallas Crime Watch Executive Board (CWEB) is asking for your help in making Dallas a safer city.  Your participation will help thousands of residents through crime watch programs which will provide safer neighborhoods and significant positive public relations for business in the community.  CWEB is asking you to become a business or individual sponsor of the Dallas CWEB. Continue reading

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National Night Out: Event Planning

Are you interested in learning some helpful tips for planning your neighborhood’s National Night Out event to be celebrated this year on Wednesday, October 4th? Please join Neighborhood Vitality for our workshop on August 17th.

For more information follow this link Event Link

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Chief Renee Hall

The Crime Watch Executive Board congratulates Detroit Deputy Chief Renee Hall on her selection as the Dallas Police Department Chief of Police.   The CWEB looks forward to a cooperative effort as the Dallas Police Department and the community crime watches join forces to control and reduce the crime rate in Dallas.  If we are divided we can be conquered but unified we are strong and can make a difference.  The CWEB is asking the community to join us in this fight.

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Proposed Dallas Police Department “DRONE” Program

DRONES are any unmanned aircraft or ship that is guided remotely.

The Dallas Police Department is proposing the use of drones to assist and improve public safety in Dallas. 

  1. One police helicopter costs from 1 million to $3 million to acquire
  2. Then they are equipped with law enforcement gear that could cost
  3. The operation cost to fly a helicopter is $400-$600 an hour.
  4. Manned aircraft are large, complex machines requiring expert ground crews, multiple shifts of pilots and co-pilots, a storage hanger, and require runways or helipads.
  5. Helicopter upkeep and maintenance is not cheap.
  6. One helicopters for a city the size of Dallas is not enough.

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Gentrification’s Effect on Crime Rates

Gentrification’s Effect on Crime Rates « Urban Economics

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The Dangers of Social Media

It’s rare that you will see a video as powerful as this one. The message is so strong on this that we felt it should be shared.

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