Dallas Police Activity League (PALS) Boxing Gym

Community Service

AAGD’s 2016 -2017 Community Service Project
Dallas Police Activity League (PALS) Boxing Gym
Partners: The City of Dallas and Councilman Adam McGough (District 10)
Location: 9759 Forest Ln. Ste. 400, Dallas, TX 75243

Additional Funds Needed: $30,000

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The boxing gym will provide a public after school program for teens, around the Forest and Audelia area, in Lake Highlands. It will be run by the City of Dallas and the Police Athletic League (PALS). The gym brings youth under the supervision and positive influence of a law enforcement agency and expands public awareness about the role of a police officer, reinforcing the responsible values and attitudes instilled in young people by their parents.

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DPD Initiatives to reduce response times

From City Manager T.C. Broadnax:

DPD Initiatives to reduce response times 

The Dallas Police Department (DPD) has created and implemented a process geared toward reducing response times and improving service levels for 911 calls. In this process, Majors of Police (Night Majors) in the new leadership team are ensuring that calls are monitored real-time   Continue reading

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Understanding the Castle Doctrine – U.S. & Texas LawShield


Understanding the Castle Doctrine U.S. & Texas LawShield

16-20 minutes

What is the Texas Castle Doctrine?

The “Castle Doctrine” is a concept that comes from the philosophy that every person is the King or Queen of their home. Thus, there is never a need for the monarch of the kingdom to flee the castle before using force against an unlawful intruder. Texas Penal Code §9.31 (governing the justified use of non-deadly force) and §9.32 (governing the justified use of deadly force) are our state’s version of the Castle Doctrine. Just proving that everything is bigger in Texas, our law extends the “Castle Doctrine” beyond your residence to include your occupied vehicle and workplace. Continue reading

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Texas ranks No. 1 in law enforcement deaths for 2017 with 14


Texas ranks No. 1 in law enforcement deaths for 2017 with 14

Reagan Roy

6-8 minutes

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The number of law enforcement professionals nationwide who died in the line of duty in 2017 dropped to its lowest level in four years, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), a nonprofit group that has long tracked officer fatalities.

On Thursday, the NLEOMF announced in its 2017 Preliminary Law Enforcement Fatalities Report that 128 federal, state, local, tribal and territorial officers died in the line of duty over the past year, which is the lowest annual figure since 2013 when 117 officers died. The information was released prior to the death of a deputy in Colorado on Sunday, bringing 2017’s total to 129. Continue reading

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DPD Announces Upcoming Transition to NIBRS

Jan 8 2018

The Dallas Police Department is proud to announce their upcoming transition to NIBRS reporting in early 2018. 

In 2015, the Criminal Justice Information Services Division Advisory Policy Board (APB) approved the recommendation to move from the traditional Summary Reporting System and replace it with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) by January 1, 2021. The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program’s transition from summary to incident-based data will establish NIBRS as the national standard for crime reporting. Continue reading

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Dallas police to scale back policy for panhandling citations

Dallas police to scale back policy for panhandling citations

The City of Dallas is scaling back its enforcement of panhandling initiatives.

DALLAS – Citing free speech concerns, the Dallas Police Department is changing the way it enforces the city’s panhandling ordinances.

No longer will Dallas police officers issue panhandling citations to people soliciting in public areas such as sidewalks. They will take enforcement action only if they’re violating other laws, such as being disorderly.

Read more    HERE     Read additional information here.  Cityhall Continue reading

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DeWitt County, Texas Unveils Drone Program

DeWitt County, Texas Unveils Drone Program

by Victoria Advocate / November 29, 2017

(TNS) — CUERO – With the sound of a buzzing beehive, the DeWitt County Sheriff’s Office’s newest drone levitated and flew out of sight Tuesday morning outside its office.

In the official unveiling of the agency’s new unmanned aerial vehicle program, Sheriff Carl Bowen demonstrated in what capacity the new program will serve.  Read more here.

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Public Safety Advisory – “Bank Jugging

In the past several months the crime of “bank jugging” has been on the rise in Harris County, including the city of Pasadena. The Pasadena Police Department Auto Crimes Unit offers the following information on what “bank jugging” is, what citizens should be on the lookout for, and things they can do to protect themselves from becoming a victim.

WHAT IS BANK JUGGING? Continue reading

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The most dangerous calls for police?

Domestic disturbances

Bambi Majumdar

There is a rising awareness about domestic violence and the tragedies that it causes. What is less talked about is the number of police officer deaths that are related to such incidents.

Want more information click HERE

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The Building Communities of Trust (BCOT) Initiative

The Building Communities of Trust (BCOT) Initiative

The following is information obtained from the article BCOT Guidance for Community Leaders  located in the International Association of Chiefs of Police website. 

Law enforcement agencies have long recognized the need to develop trusting relationships with the communities they serve. The Building Communities of Trust (BCOT) initiative is designed to help develop these trusting relationships by bringing together local law enforcement leaders, U.S. Attorney’s Offices, fusion centers, and community representatives to engage in open dialogue about how these groups can work together to help protect our communities against crime and terrorism. A particular focus has been working with immigrant and minority communities that have historically had negative or distrusting relationships with law enforcement, making it especially important to help these communities address any concerns the community members may have with law enforcement, so that everyone can work together to prevent criminal and terrorist activity. Continue reading

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