Getting Active in Crime Watch

The best way to take an active part in crime prevention is to participate in a crime watch in which each person becomes more alert and aware of what is going on within the area. Participation in a crime watch is not an activity that requires a lot of time. It means only that each person adopts a more observant attitude on a daily basis. Neighbors will get to know each other better, and as a result, will become more aware of strange cars, persons or circumstances which might be a danger and require calling the police. The following guidelines have proven to be successful:

  • Get to know your neighbors. Know their names and be able to identify them and their vehicles by sight.
  • Maintain a map or block directory of the immediate neighborhood with names, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

  • Make the home as burglar proof as possible.

  • Mark all property for identification by using the Operation ID Program.

  • Be observant and watch over neighbors’ homes, especially when they are not home or are out of town.

  • Write down license plate numbers and descriptions of suspicious looking vehicles and/or good descriptions of any suspicious persons. Immediately report them to the police at 911.

  • Report information that may be helpful to your Crime Watch Chairperson.

  • Call the neighborhood voicemail (if you have one) on a regular basis to keep informed.

  • Check your Nextdoor internet communications regularly.

  • Educate children in crime prevention and teach respect for law enforcement officers.

  • Volunteer to help your crime watch organization in any way that you can, whether it involves your time or financial support.

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