Electricity Scam

scam-alertA Dallas resident recently fell for a scam involving TXU and GreenDot cards. There is a link below to a Dallas Morning News article on this scam. The way it works is that the individual receives a call from someone claiming to be with TXU. The caller tells them that they are two months behind on their bill and that power will be shut off that day if they cannot get payment to them immediately. The caller then suggests that they go to the nearest convenience store and purchase a greendot card for the delinquent amount. They are then asked to give the card info to the caller. These Green Dot cards have become an easy way to move money around anonymously. The most disturbing part of this is that somehow the scammers are getting information on how much our electric bills are. The way they are verifying themselves with the victim is by telling the exact amount of their last two bills, to the penny. Its unknown where they are getting this info, but that is making them more believable to some. In any case, if you receive a call like this, please report it to police, even if you do not fall for it. They need to know how and where its happening.

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