Community development that fights crime

Community development that fights crime

Elizabeth Duffrin

A successful crime requires, at minimum, three things: an offender, a victim and a suitable location. Julia Ryan explains the crime triangle at the Staying Safe workshop at Getting It Done II.

Residents in high-crime neighborhoods often complain that the police aren’t doing enough. But by themselves, the police can only affect one point on the “crime triangle,” and that’s the offender, explained Julia Ryan, program director of the LISC Community Safety Initiative (CSI). Comprehensive community development, on the other hand, can impact all three.

At the Staying Safe workshop and roundtable discussions at the Getting It Done II conference, Ryan was joined by police and community organizers from Boston and Philadalphia, two of 15 cities CSI has worked with over the last 17 years on strategies for reducing crime through community development.


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